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Mission, Vision & Values

Passionate about business, passionate about bookkeeping.

Most small business owners are not particularly sophisticated  business people. That’s not a criticism; they’re passionate about cutting hair  or cooking food, and that’s why they got in the business, not because they have  an MBA. - Andrew Mason

TOP SECRET Bookkeeping is a small business that serves small businesses. 

Our Mission

Our journey begins with our mission. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions

  • To provide bookkeeping services and accurate, timely and relative information to small businesses
  • To hire, train and build a team of dedicated bookkeepers and support office leaders
  • To provide focused, relevant, effective, affordable training workshops
  • To make a difference in local communities

Our Vision

Our vision describes what we need to accomplish our mission.

  • Services: Provide exceptional bookkeeping and filing systems that satisfy our clients needs
  • Training: Provide training to use Intuit's Quickbooks software. Training is fun, informative and easily retained/applied. Continual improvement based on learner evaluations and feedback. 
  • Teamwork & Employees: TSB will be a great place to work and will challenge everyone to reach their full potential. Provide a nurturing environment of mentorship and training. Promote based on performance.
  • Community: To create new jobs and stimulate the local economy
  • Partners: Together we achieve more. Recognizing quality and value in our suppliers by showcasing how TSB uses their products and services in our advertising and recommendations to clients.
  • Profit: As a for profit company, of course we want to make a profit. Team initiatives and productivity will be the driving force to a generous and fair profit-sharing plan, thereby rewarding  ourselves for contributing our best effort to the success of our clients’ businesses and TSB.
  • Productivity: Maximize the effectiviness of our current procedures and filing systems.  Relentless and constant improvements.

Our Values

Our values should be a mirror. Who we are and our reflection in the world.

  • Leadership:  Working together and supporting each other to reach our potential.
  • Integrity: Keep our client work confidential. Focus on making our clients successful, because our success is measured by theirs.
  • Quality: Everything we do, we do well. Deliver the best of TSB to every client cost-effectively.
  • Diversity: Every small business has potential. Offer services in spanish to the Latin small business clients.