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Net Profit - Where is the $$?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
TSB - S Main, Woonsocket RI
  • Reports: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss
  • Chart of Accounts Review
  • Items vs Accounts. Should I use classes?
  • Bills versus checks
  • IRS Paperwork - 1099s, W9s
Understanding your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. At tax time do you find yourself asking... where is the profit? Tax man says you had a net profit of $100K... where is it? It's in there and this workshop shows you where it went.
Simplify your chart of accounts and create better financial reports.
Understanding Items (the stuff you sell) and chart of accounts for better reporting.
How do you use classes?
When to use bills versus writing a check.
Overview of 1099s & W9s.

All workshops include a 15 minute review of tips & tricks to improve Quickbooks productivity.